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Goghost VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a high-tech encryption service available on most computers, laptops, Smartphone's and tablets. Our VPN service rivals that of the most expensive VPN companies with our pricing plans at a fraction of their costs. Goghost is considered one of the best VPN services available today for both personal and business use.
Some people may ask, what is a VPN? The simplest explanation is a VPN network is a network (or a group of networks) connected together over the internet. Goghost VPN tunneling allows all of your online activities to be encrypted from snoops and hackers. Our VPN connection is strong and we offer L2TP and PPTP. We will also have OpenVPN, considered the best kind of encryption, once our VPN software is complete.
Why use a VPN? In this day and age, online snooping, eavesdropping, hacking, etc. are more common than ever before. With Goghost VPN, your security and privacy are our top main concern. Most people can't identify the dangers of using open Wi-Fi in hotels, coffee shops, schools, airports, etc. Open Wi-Fi is not safe and your data will be broadcasted to anyone smart enough to snoop. Even a amateur hacker can capture your unencrypted Wi-Fi signal using programs widely available on the web. If you travel regularly for work or play, then a virtual private network is a great investment. Goghost VPN service helps shield you when using open public Wi-Fi. Get access to Netflix, Hulu YouTube and other streaming websites from outside of the USA

Many countries put perimeters on what internet users can see in their country. Countries in the Middle East, Venezuela, China, and Cuba are just a few examples of countries who limit access to the web. News sites like CNN, BBC and social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are obstructed in many countries. In China, even Google is hard to connect to due to a dispute about internet restriction. If you are an expatriate living and working in one of these countries, you will be grateful for being able to access the internet like your home country.

Another reason a VPN service is invaluable is because you will be able to use search engines without having your Internet searches captured. Ever question why when you use Google or Yahoo to search for something, you then see ads on websites you are visiting for the same thing you searched for? The reason for this is because all search engines catalog every search you do. What you look for in these search engines are then connected to your device’s IP address, and then as a result, used to modify ads and future searches for you when surfing the web. It may seem unobtrusive and some may find it helpful, but do you really want search engines to know what you are searching for? Goghost VPN network will keep your searches private.

Another good reason to use a Virtual Private Network is because you consider privacy is a fundamental right. Privacy is becoming more and more limited these days. It seems everything we do is observed and stored for advertising reasons to more ominous reasons. If you consider privacy is a fundamental right, then you will find Goghost VPN service priceless.

Goghost VPN service is also for business. Goghost protects your business communications – one worker at a time. Whether travelling on business or at the workplace, our VPN protects your connection without sacrificing speed. Protect your business ID, keep your business information secure, and accomplish business intelligence on the world stage.
For companies looking to provide a secured VPN network infrastructure for its client base, Goghost VPN service offers two major benefits over other VPN companies: save more money and network scalability. To the clients accessing our VPN service, we bring simplicity of use.
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